“The unconventional, or rather integrative, medicine becomes the spokesperson for change, understood as the possibility of modifying lifestyles and ways of life, until then considered impossible.”


Homeopathic medicine considered as divine word and the body as a miracle are representative of a totality, the organism, which is often able to trigger a self-healing mechanism. Homeopathic remedies act in a mechanism of action, designed to restore the functionality of the deficient organ, within its natural limits. Homeopathy enables the renovation of freedom as a concept of health (health from Sanskrit sarvas: whole, entire, complete) by expanding the consciousness of those who approach unconventional medicine.


Stefania Campanelli (1974), after her degree in Law, graduated from the School of Naturopathy of the RIZA Institute of Psychosomatic Medicine. She continued her studies focusing on Floritherapy, Aromatherapy, Enneagram, Imaginary Relaxation and Conscious Movement Techniques – non-verbal language communication (Training School of the Hobart Method® – Rimini, Italy). She is a Reiki Master and founder of “Therapeia – Integrative Health and Welleness Professionals”. Therapeia’s main goal is to accept the Person who does not represent the disease but the possibility despite everything; in an holistic view that embraces the human being as a body-mind-spirit entirety. Therapeia’s professionals work together to ensure personalised and integrated cures and therapies so that the Person does not get lost in their therapeutic journey.


  • Editore:‎ Therapeia Edizioni (11 maggio 2022)
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Therapeia Edizioni
Collana Medicina Complementare


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